Printed Stretch Ceilings

Printing on stretch film enhances the image extraordinarily and is used to introduce lighting effect. shapes can be also be given to stretch film by using different Aluminum profiles

3D Epoxy Floors

A new technology for flooring introduced to the world a few years ago. An unbelievably vast array of colors and materials to pick from.It’s not simply an image, a large-scale piece that essentially changes the concept of what may seem like flooring. On the one hand – it’s surface, and the alternative – a full image, with all shades and textures. Strong and durable coating on that man walks in the space is exquisite, artistic and distinctive

The 3D flooring is kind of a daring call for your interior. Rather than being a background, the ground becomes the most detail. In turn, all furnishing, walls and even lighting become a background for the 3D floor. The wide selection of colors and revolutionary technologies permit the creation of distinctive self-levelling floors with panorama or 3D footage, created by designers in line with your needs and appropriate for any interior.

With 3D flooring you’ll be able to use your imagination: you’ll have the couch in your lounge standing on an ocean facet, dolphins domicile in your toilet, an outsized hemisphere map arranged on your company’s workplace floor or funny footage on your nursery floor. Currently you’ve got the power to customize and to modify your house by selecting one amongst our 3D designs or our designers will produce any image you can visualize to be transferred onto your floors. If we point out the options of self-leveling floor, then they must embody a lot of technology fills than the final result. The installation method is time overwhelming and needs patience. That’s why the services wizard concludes that decorative floor are costlier than the marble, Granite & tile floors. The technology of producing 3D self-levelling floors needs extremely competent professionals. A high-quality and properly installed resin floor can delight you with its stunning look, utility, originality and singularity for several years.

Lacquer stretch ceiling saros design Lahore

Lacquered Stretch Ceilings 

Lacquered stretch ceilings have high retroreflective properties, they visually add space, make the room lighter and more refined, They are available in many different colors

matt ceiling

Matt Stretch Ceilings

Matt stretch ceilings create a classic, velvety finish as they resemble a well plastered surface and doesn’t reflect light. With its antistatic effect, they will not accumulate dust


3D Ceilings & Walls

3D Stretch ceiling & walls is a special material with a smooth or embossed texture spanned by mounted on the perimeter of the room frame. The result is a perfectly smooth straight surface, which can be integrated point or any other fixtures. The material for the manufacture of stretch ceiling is sturdy PVC film of various colors and textures, on which can be applied 3D Design. Fixed only 4 cm from the original ceiling, they do not reduce the height of the room and allow you to quickly and efficiently create a smooth, including multi-level surface. These are eco solvent, are resistant to moisture and preserve the brightness of colors for many years.


Translucent Stretch Ceilings

Evenly luminous stretch ceiling creates a pleasant atmosphere of lighting, The brightness of light can be adjusted, which allows you to set an atmosphere that matches your mood

3D Leather Walls

Keeping our tradition of introducing unique 3D interior products, we proudly present our new line of 3D products, The 3D Leather Wall Panels. Soft leather panels with eye catching looks Intricate designs with smooth finish are the perfect interior décor for you place. Available in many designs and colors these panels turn your interior into a true elite class interior.

Create a Beautiful Design, A World To See

An innovative company to provide next generation of walls and ceiling Solutions. We intend to proffer you with a distinct route in designing your interior, present novel ways of  decorative walls and ceilings. Our professional team follows modern architectural tendencies from around the world and will individually create a suitable stretch wall and stretch ceiling for you. We are the specialist in Stretch ceilings of all kinds, such as translucent, backlit, printed, Lacquered, matt and Satin finish stretch ceilings


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Thanks for bringing live floors into my place, awasome work done keep it up guys.

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This is going to me a real revolution in the field of interior designing this is mind blowing and truly amazing A source of interest for all nature lovers and with supreme aesthetics.


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Amazing work they did in my house DHA phase 2 Lahore. Very professional skilled and properly trained guys they know what they are doing very efficient and know their job thank you for converting my bedroom into heaven.


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Stretched Ceiling technology – enables its users to create ceilings of almost any shape and form, even 3D and freestanding structures.     It also offers possibility to print images of high quality on the stretch ceiling membrane. Great acoustical and heat insulation properties of stretch ceiling eliminates acoustic effects and creates an additional heat and sound insulation due to air gap between the main ceiling and the stretched material. A pallet of 200 colors and textures including translucent and reflective membranes, provides possibilities for many effects including visual increase of the height of a room or illuminating ceiling.

  • Clean and fast installation process – installation of stretch ceiling will take no longer than several hours. There is no need to remove furniture because the process is  clean and does not involve any potential damage to furniture. There will be no dust or trash during the ceiling installation process.
  • Safety – stretch ceiling material does not contain any harmful components, is odorless, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic. Stretch ceilings can be installed in hospitals or kindergartens.
  • Water resistant – In case of leakage of pipes, roof or AC a stretch ceiling material will accumulate water and prevent damage of valuable items.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Stretch ceilings do not accumulate static electricity and therefore no dust is accumulating on the surface. It is sufficient to wipe canvas with damp cloth every couple of years to bring back the original shine. Our ceilings do not deform and preserve its color.
  • Durability – stretch ceiling serves for at least 15 years, eliminating need for periodic plastering of ceiling cracks.
  • Reinstallation – color and texture of the ceiling may be changed by removing old material and installing a new one on the same frame.

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